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Summer Study Tips

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share some ideas with you about how to make our

kids to study/read during summer holidays.

Yes, we have less than a month left till schools in Medway and

in the whole country break for the holidays.

As a mother I know how summer can sometimes become

challenging in terms of keeping children entertained.

I personally like to keep my son engaged throughout summer

with a bit of studying.

Especially when they are young, a month-long break can make

them to forget some of the things they learned at school.

So here is a little list about how you can organize their time:

1. Ask their ideas while making any plans

No matter how small the plan for the day is asking their ideas

and applying together will keep unforeseen tantrums as less as possible.

If we are not away for holiday I like to have 15 mins a day

reading time all together regardless of plans. This can be considered

an informal book club. During holidays I definitely take a book for each

family member and include it to our plans (for example, we’ll read

every other day together).

This will help kids to earn the habit of reading and eventually will

help them to do well on their 11+, SATs, GCSE and A-levels exams.

2. Stick to a certain routine

You don’t have to have rigid school-like schedule, but children

tend to behave well when they know what to expect.

When meal times, sleeping times and reading times are scheduled children automatically adjust to the day as soon as they wake up in the morning.

If your kids are preparing for 11+ exams during summer, it is ideal to have

a study time which spans over a few hours with regular breaks.

(I guess there is no need to mention healthy snacks, vegetables,

fruits and plenty of water.)

Don’t forget to establish these schedules with your children.

3. Include children to every activity around the house

This will make them to feel useful and needed. Also will teach

them life skills. You will see how you workload is lessened and

you have happy and busy children (of course tired ones too).

Although there is no need to mention this, but cooking is the best

way to keep kids busy (no matter of the age).

4. Tech-free days

You can choose a day where no phones, tablets, computers,

TV, radio, games are involved.

Of course you’ll need to decide on this day with your kids.

Accordingly you can plan more reading and writing for that day.

For instance, you can choose a little book, read all together and

write about different characters on the book. Kind of comprehension.

Also make sure daily screen time is as less as possible.

Hope we can enjoy many sunny days in Medway this year, so plenty

of splashing and picnics can be involved.

5. Outdoor reading

This can be a day in the park, forest, seaside, in your garden

where you can challenge every family member with reading.

Whoever reads most can get a treat. Medway is full of lovely parks

as you know.

If you have kids who are preparing for any exams, you can involve

all family to help them with difficult questions, to prepare snack for them, etc.

6. Encourage writing

Having good writing skills means you are 1-0 ahead in life.

As a tutor I always encourage students to write for every session,

even if it is a small text.

At home you can start writing a family dairy with children,

where everyone can share their thoughts about the day.

Involving writing to discussions or family games is another way of

teaching writing skills to children.

7. Be a “tutor” to your children

Setting a time for tasks and checking them will make you to have

control over any situation at home. This will also make children responsible.

Don’t forget to reward them each time (we tutors normally use stickers).

I hope you find this post useful.

Wishing you all happy summer holidays.

Afsana Hamzayeva

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