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Revision Tips for GCSE English Exam

Hello everyone. As GSCE exams are fast approaching I decided to share

some revision tips with you.

I’ll provide you with English revision tips since I’m an English tutor at

HSC Tutoring Medway.

In your English exam you’ll be writing essays and newspaper articles.

Analysing poems is the case too.

In Medway number of students taking GCSE exams is growing

year-by-year which sounds great. In order to be on track, revisions

are vital, so let’s get started :)

1. Plan ahead what the examiners are looking for

In order to get more marks you’ll need to know upfront what to include

in your answers. Make sure that the structure of your answers are easy.

It’s easy to include the feature of the mark scheme in your essays.

Always ask your teacher/tutor about planning if you need a hand.

You can also search online to see what the expectations of examiners

are in Medway.

2. Learn vocabulary and how to structure the answers (for English language)

Make sure you know what different forms of writing you could be asked

to write in the exam, and how each one is structured.

Try to master different literary techniques, such as metaphors and similes.

3. Know the texts (for English literature)

Make sure you know the texts you are studying in detail, no matter whether

you are having open or closed book exam.

Other than quotes you’ll need to learn the main themes and action in the text.

But you don’t have to word quotes perfectly. If you can’t remember them

summarise or explain the context of the quote.

4. Make notes in the class and review them every now-and-then

Reviewing class notes during revision is very important in order

to memorise more information. These include practice essays and mock exam

papers practiced in the class.

At HSC Tutoring Medway tutors always make sure that children take notes down.

For English literature watching any film or dramatic adaptation

of your set texts can be advantageous too.

For English language read and analyse as many different examples

of different writing as you can get hold of.

5. Dig English past papers out

You might think that you don’t need to practise writing English essays

answers because you cannot learn exact answers to the question.

But it is extremely useful preparation for the exam.

They’ll help you to practise working within time frames during the exam.

Past papers are also very handy for practising the structure of the answers.

Also if you struggling with structuring always get help from your teacher/tutor

Hope you'll find these tips helpful.

Please share your experience and ideas with us.

We’ll be glad to answer any question.

Thank you,


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