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How to Help Your Children with Their Homework

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Homework is an essential part of children's education.

With the right tutoring guidance at home they can achieve more

than expected. And this guidance is crucial for their confidence.

As parents we should try our utmost to help them with choosing

the right direction.

We gathered some tips for you to help your children throughout their primary

and secondary education, including all examinations.

1. Know your teachers

In order to create that bridge effect between school and home it’s important

to know the school, it’s system and ethos. And of course to understand what

the teacher wants and expects from your child.

You can always talk to the teacher, get their e-mail address and

attend school events.

Also make sure you are following social media accounts of the school,

where you can find regular updates.

Luckily here in Medway we have some of the country's best primary/secondary

schools that are keen to share all news, expectations, tutoring and

homework guidance with parents.

2. Set-up a place at home

The main thing here is to choose a well-lit place at home. A place that you can

get natural light during daytime (we get plenty of sunshine in Medway).

Make sure the room is not too warm or too cold.

Studies show that the productivity increases if the walls are painted

with warm and calm tones.

Keep the supplies within reach, so the child doesn’t have to run up-and-down

for a pencil or a rubber.

In order to add some fun into homework process, you can

shop for stationaries with children.

Using supplies that they have chosen will boost their confidence too.

3. Regular study time

Before they set up for their homework, as a parent you need to make sure

that they are not hungry.

Opt for healthy snacks, sandwiches, nuts and fruits.

They must be well hydrated too, so keep a bottle of water always


Also make sure they played and happy before they set for study.

Try to choose small regular sessions daily, so they get into habit of


4. Help them to make a plan

One of the most important points is planning.

This habit will benefit them always in their lives.

This way they’ll know upfront what to expect from each study session.

For difficult and hefty homeworks help them to make a plan and

to create manageable chunks.

Regular breaks are very significant too.

They can have 5 mins rest after completing each chunk,

or 15 mins break every hour.

5. Keep distractions to a minimum

First of all make sure you don’t use your phone/tablet/TV while they

are studying.

Other than setting a good example, they won’t be distracted during

their homework study.

Always talk to your child to explain disadvantages of using gadgets

whilst studying (i.e. without distractions they can finish homework


6. Set a good example

Children see their parents as role models.

So make sure to you keep yourself busy with healthy habits,

and engage yourself with useful hobbies.

Create me-time, reading-time, and activity-time for yourself and try

to spend equal amount of quality time with each family member.

7. Make sure kids do their own homework

It’s important for them to learn from their own mistakes.

This will help them to understand the reason, and they’ll

try to avoid it next time.

You can make suggestions and help with directions only.

8. Be a motivator and a monitor

Make sure you know and understand their homework, and act as a tutor at home.

Ask them about assignments, quizzes and tests.

Give them encouragement, check completed homework and be ready

for questions and concerns.

9. Praise their work and efforts

Post the result of a test or an art project on the refrigerator.

Celebrate and praise their efforts.

Mention their academic achievements to relatives and friends.

10. Get help if there are continuing problems

Talk about any problem or concern with the teacher of your child.

Get a professional help:

a. Medway Council mental health helplines

b. Kent County Council counselling service

c. British Association for Counselling and Physiotherapy


You can always use useful online tools to engage them.

Try to keep them busy with extra-activities related to the subject

(for example, you can print work sheets from internet).

Have your child join in our Homework Clubs in Medway area.

We provide a Homework Club tutoring service too on

Wednesdays 4-5 PM and Saturdays 12-1PM at the Academy of Woodlands.

~ Afsana

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