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How to Help Your Child Getting Ready for 11+ Exam

Hello everyone.

This week I decided to share with you some ideas on how helping your

children getting ready for 11+ Exam.

If your child is sitting for the exam in September 2019 that this summer

is crucial time of the year for them.

In most cases the children need at least some preparation if they are to

pass 11+ Exam.

However make sure you don’t overload the child, especially when it is hot.

Here are some tips on how to help them:

1. Make a plan

Making a plan and sticking to it is very important.

Make sure to engage your child between 2.5 – 5 hours with

preparation a week. Also make sure you have a good working

relationship with your child that’ll allow you to lead the process.

This involves creating a revision schedule for them too.

Time management is another key aspect of helping your children.

You can use past practice papers to set mock tests under exam conditions.

2. Reading time

You can set-up regular 15-20 minutes reading time on a daily basis.

Other family member can be involved too to this quiet reading time.

Family reading time can be fun if one of the members read the certain

amount of pages out loud and then everyone starts discussing or

comprehending a passage.

3. Limit the use of technology

Now this might sound obvious, but when it comes to applying

some parents tend to find it easy to keep their kids busy with the

computer games, phones and tablets.

Don’t forget that working with pen and books and playing games

stimulate different parts of the brain.

If your child needs any break after reading or learning new information

the best is to take a walk or some other sort of exercise.

4. Use flash cards

Flash cards are one of the most entertaining way of practicing.

Stick them into the walls, fridges or simply practice together.

The most popular flash cards are 11+ Vocabulary Flash Cards and

CGP Math or Verbal Reasoning Flash cards

5. Make sure your child is not stressed

First of all make sure your child eats well and most importantly

is well hydrated. Getting enough sleep is another essential part of

a healthy regime.

Watch for the signs of stress and talk to them about exam nerves.

Remind them feeling anxious is normal.

6. Enrol your child to a tuition centre

Tuition centres are great way of helping your children.

Especially with the small group classes students get more

individualised attention and at the same time share the same

experience with other peers.

HSC Tutoring provides 11+ oriented classes in Medway towns.

Registration for September is started now.

To enrol your child or for any enquiry email us on info@hsctutoting.co.uk

7. Enrol your child to academic summer camps during summer

Most of the tutoring centres of summer camps during summer breaks.

Summer camps is a good way of keeping your child on the track right

before them exams.

Camps will help them to deal with the pressure of 11+ Exam as they’ll

meet other children who are preparing too.

As HSC Tutoring Medway we will hold be holding Summer Camps

over four weeks during August.

You can purchase your tickets on Eventbrite using the link below:


8. Take a break

Daily regular breaks always help, but the whole family will benefit

hugely from escaping from the daily routines and pressures for a few days.

This is particularly useful if your child suffers from exam anxiety.

Nature is the best remedy of our bodies and soul.

That is it from me for now.

Hope you find these tips helpful.

Afsana Hamzayeva

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