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Get to know our teachers: Sumeyye

Hi there!

Today's blog is about me.

I am Sumeyye. I was born and grown up in Izmir, Turkey. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I went to a good secondary school but unfortunately I only had supply teachers in Maths and Science during last years of secondary school. I had an instinct and natural interest in those areas, and I started to teach myself. Later on, I taught my classmates when we did not have teachers at all. It was the time I realised the value of helping others. I was always the assistant of my teachers in the classroom and my journey started when I was in Year 11. I made my mind that Science was the career for me.

I went to university in Turkey, graduated with a degree of Bachelors in Chemistry in 2008. After graduating, I decided to do more but I needed to learn English first. I moved to Atlanta to get my masters degree in Nanotechnology. At the beginning, I studied English at the Georgia Institute of Technology for a while, at the same time looking for a job so I could afford education expenses. When a teaching position became available in Florida, I did not have choice but to accept because of my true passion: teaching. I gave up on the idea of having an academic career and followed my initial dream.

In 2009, I flew 10 000 km from my country to be a teacher (Ms. Cim) in Orlando, United States.

I accepted middle school Science teacher role in Orlando and from the first moment I felt I belonged to the position. As a freshman teacher, I made a promise that I will do my best to educate young minds, show them how amazing the world of Science is and applicable in daily life. We had lots of fun in laboratory and also at the field trips. I was very lucky during my first year; two of my amazing students were selected to present our school in a National Science Fair in Texas. We also visited NASA during our trip and I was speechless. I learnt not even sky is the limit!

At the end of my Orlando journey, I was an experienced Science Department Head and also coaching a team in Science Olympiad. Our team made Nationals in 2012 and I was so proud!

It was sad but I had to fly back to Turkey and support my family in hard times. I moved back to my hometown Izmir and became a Chemistry Teacher in a Tuition Centre. Along with teaching, I completed a coaching programme and I guided many students in preparation for University entrance exams.

In 2016, I moved to Rochester, Kent. My sister lives with her family here too. I took some time off and started doing my research in National Curriculum. It was amazing to see how students grow academically here in British schools. I always loved Maths and was tutoring students along with my teaching jobs in the past. After seeing some of my friend’s children struggle in Maths, I decided to have my own business and help students who struggle at school just like I did.

My goal is to be as supportive as I can, and make people believe in their potential. We all sometimes feel lost and a little courage makes a huge difference in students’ learning habits. I’ve seen many bright minds changing from being lost to gaining self-confidence in Maths and Science. The smile on faces after a successful exam is priceless.

I believe we should always be the best of ourselves. My aim is to give the best education students they deserve. Seeing the brightness in their eyes is worth my time and effort!

Today, after 10 years of teaching I promised to myself again I will continue doing my best as a teacher and will be a wonderful inspiration to others at my own company, HSC Tutoring.

I love searching, exploring and teaching and this is who I am.



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