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Approaching to a stressful time of the year, I wanted to suggest a few words of advice to try and make Maths revision for you less intimidating. As a Maths tutor, I know from my students revising maths can be painful but first “Keep Calm”. It is very important you have a little worry to keep you on track but do not over-stress. Try the tips below and you will be just fine!

1- Schedule.

Set a certain time in a day or every other day for your Maths revision. As you revising in small chunks every day you will see a big improvement. Yet, it will not be overwhelming. Give yourself little treats and things to look forward to between study sessions.

2- List.

Before start revising, make a list of the topics that you feel unconfident. It will ease the stress. Set a topic title for each week, note down and hang it on a wall. Reminders will be very helpful in deciding where to start from.

3- Use variety of resources.

Do not just read from textbooks or revision guides. Use different tools and resources. Exam practice workbooks are very helpful by giving a plenty practice questions in Maths. Try to solve problems on your own and check your answers with answer keys. If you get a wrong answer, first try to figure out your mistake. There are Maths revision websites that can help you to understand the topic so use Internet to watch lesson videos if you are feeling stuck.

4- Work on the topics you struggle,

Do not only practice topics you are good at. Try to learn and practice harder topics because it is much better to struggle on them at home than it is to struggle in the exam.

5- Do not endure alone.

If you need help on certain topic, then ask one of your classmates, or your teacher/tutor, or someone at home, or look on the Internet. Do not wait until last months to ask for help.

(If you are in year 9 to 11, join our GCSE Revision Lesson in Medway.)

6- Practice Past Paper Questions

Use Internet or ask your teachers/tutors provide you with past papers. Practice questions under exam conditions. Set a quiet place, have your pencils, eraser and calculator ready and time yourself. This will make youo answer questions in real exams with more confidence.

7- Pair up.

Revise with your friend if possible. This will increase understanding and plus more knowledge will be retained. There are many after school homework clubs in Medway area where you can find support from tutors. You can book our homework club here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/free-homework-club-tickets-54916317183

I believe any student can achieve in Maths with right amount of revision and practice.

Do not feel you are alone. If you live in Medway, feel free to contact us and we are always happy to help!

Good luck to you all in your future exams!

Sumeyye Cimentepe

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