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11 Plus Exam Study Tips

11+ Exam will be the first experience of studying for a serious test for students and parents always ask us at HSC Tutoring in Medway: “How best can we prepare our children for the 11+ exams?”

Listed below are some revision tips for parents and students:

Create a plan

Outline what should be studied, when and for how long. A study plan can be simply a diary or a wall planner. Create a fridge list of the topics within each subject they need to cover.

Keep in mind: Do not overload your child.

Concentrate on core Maths and English skills at earlier time

Reading every day, making sure times tables and simple Maths operations skills are rock solid or spelling work each week are simple examples of study that will benefit your child through success in school and at 11+ exams.

If your child does not feel confident enough in any of these subjects, we recommend you to look for a tutor starting from fall during Year 4. We offer 1 hour rotational Maths and English lessons at HSC Tutoring Medway in Year 4 and it helps develop basic core skills at earlier stage.

Actively developing a wide vocabulary is essential

A wide vocabulary is best developed over time: through simple exercises like reading, talking with adults, watching the odd bit of television or listening to the radio.

One of the reasons some children are simply successful in their 11 Plus Exams and others are not is because some children have a wider vocabulary than others.

Use useful websites or web applications to find enhanced vocabulary list and make your child practice each and everyday.

Make Studying Fun

Vary revision subjects every evening, always starting with those that are hated, then finishing with those liked best.

They actually learn best when they don’t know they are actually learning.

Use notes and flash cards and place them randomly to help your child remember important pieces of information and make it fun!

Visual aids such as mind maps showing all the different parts of a topic that needs to be learnt. You may also want to check websites to include technology. At HSC Tutoring Medway, we use Maths games in Homework Clubs and students love it!

Try using mnemonics. Let your child make up their own one and it becomes more memorable and fun!

Reward Your Child

As each 11+ topic is finished or if a better mark than expected is achieved, why not have a mini-treat for your child? Another way of doing it is to set a target e.g. and the reward if it’s met.

Do Practice Papers Under Test Conditions

Doing exam papers under exam conditions helps your child estimate how long they have to spend on each question. If they run out of time, then you know that they need to work on their time management. If they finish too early, then perhaps they haven’t answered the questions in full.

Remember every child is different, so developing an appropriate and specific study routine that works is essential and at HSC Tutoring Medway we prepare personalised study plans for every child. I strongly believe that is the key for success.

Wishing the best to all students in their exams!

Sumeyye Cimentepe

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